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How to Make Your Child Want to Brush their Teeth

April 29, 2013

Children enjoying acting like the adults around them.  The parent is usually the key role model to a child.  Children try to act like little adults and a great way to get them to brush is to make dental hygiene a fun activity.  If a child sees a parent eager to brush and smile or laugh while they do it the child will naturally believe it is a fun activity.  To help the child learn how to brush they can see their reflection in a mirror and see how their parent is moving the brush.  Once the child observes how their parent did it they can try to do it themselves.  A simple high five or saying �great job� as a reward can be motivational for a child.  After letting the child brush, it is very important to brush their teeth a final time with toothpaste, to brush them well.

The amount of toothpaste should be about the size of a pea and brushing will remove any plaque or bacteria on the surface.  They should use toothpaste for kids and need to make sure to spit out the toothpaste and swallow as little as possible.  Children form cavities at a faster rate than adults so it is very important for children to begin brushing at a young age.

To encourage this healthy behavior, a calendar can be used to place stickers on everyday the child brushes.  A reward can be given for brushing everyday of the week or month.  A reward for the child can be to select a fun activity of their choice, go to the park, have extra playtime or get to play a family board game of their choice.  The idea is to make brushing a fun activity and not a chore or something unpleasant.  Dental hygiene practices rely entirely on the foundations set as a child.  At 7 Day Dental, we teach your children on how to brush their teeth properly during their dental visit.

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