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7 Day Dental Foundation

To my dear patients,

Ever since we have been blessed with Chiana and Carlen, our daughter and son, my wife and I have become increasingly impassioned to spread the good fortune throughout our community. We are also very blessed to have friends and colleagues who possess kind hearts that always want to reach out and help the less fortunate. Every year, there exists a huge unmet need for the care of dental pain. This unmet need then contributes to a great proportion of emergency calls and ends up significantly tying up the Emergency system and Emergency Departments. This community has been our home for many years as much as it is yours, so it is our vision to not only improve its quality but also the quality of life of its residents.

Last year, we were able to collaborate with Youth Leadership America and The Lestonnac Clinic to provide free dental extraction services to over 300 patients in need and finally bring relief to what may have been a very long, difficult struggle with facial pain for some. This year, we will be expanding our services to include dental fillings, health screenings with UCSD and UCI Schools of Medicine, and educational outreach programs about hygiene, medications, and other health topics.

In the continued spirit of altruism and beneficence, Dr. Christine Chung and I are very proud and excited to humbly announce the creation of the 7 Day Dental Foundation, a nonprofit focused on our commitment to better serve our community and our dedication to serving those in need. Through the foundation, we aim to provide solid funding for numerous outreach and service projects to improve our community by addressing its dental and medical needs one step at a time.

We invite and encourage you to help us do more for our community. All contributions made are tax deductible and will be dedicated towards increasing future service projects for our community. Please remember that, together with generous individuals as yourselves, we can improve the health of our community and overcome the struggles that those in need must face to maintain the wellbeing of themselves and their families, families that you may know.

Thank you,

Dr. Le

Giving Back