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Oral Surgery

Oral surgeons must be specialized in knowledge of pain as well as anesthetics. They must be able to treat patients with high pain in their teeth and mouth, as well as perform tasks including removal of wisdom teeth or dental implants. With this huge responsibility and trust that is given to the oral surgeon, it is crucial that you pick the best oral surgeon to fit you and your needs. 7 Day Dental offers a variety of specialists that will accommodate to your needs and make you feel comfortable. Our specialists are also the best in Orange County, obtaining an abundance of experience through past years. The specialists at 7 Day Dental also are family. With a plethora of specialists, it makes it easy for them to review and check over each other’s surgical tasks, thus also ensuring your success rate and surgical quality to be of the highest. Our 7 Day Dental specialists are perfect for your oral surgical needs.

Convenience is a huge factor that plays into all the patients here at 7 Day Dental. At most offices, the patients must work around the oral surgeon’s schedule, but here at 7 Day Dental, our oral surgeons and availability work around our patients’ schedule. Open throughout the week, on weekends, and after hours, it is easy for our patients to schedule a time that best fits their schedule, as compared to other dental offices. 7 Day Dental aims to be available at our patients’ need and convenience. We desire to make your dental experience of the best quality and ensure that you do not need to strain your schedule to fit our doctors’. Flexibility and convenience characterizes 7 Day Dental, and thus make your oral surgical needs easier to manage for you!

Also with twenty six specialists, many of whom are specialized to perform tasks relating to oral surgery, our patients are able to find the perfect dentist for them, ensuring that they are comfortable with their doctors. Being comfortable is another major aspect that many of our patients take advantage of, especially because it is one of the most important aspects of visiting any type of doctor. It is also especially important in being comfortable since oral surgery is a significantly hard task to perform and manage. Choosing 7 Day Dental to perform your oral surgery tasks in Orange County is thus the best choice!

As said, with the variety and number of specialists, they are able to professionally cover all the services a normal surgeon must perform, thus ensuring that our patients would not need to be transferred to different specialists, causing a bigger inconvenience. Our specialists are well trained and experienced in applying dental implants, removing diseased or impacted teeth, removing wisdom teeth, and performing anesthesia services. With their talent and experience, our surgeons will not fail your expectations and need for a quality specialist, ensuring that your oral surgeon is nearby and convenient at Orange County.

Most of the time, the term oral surgeries provoke an image of a young adult or adult who needs to remove their wisdom teeth or receive a dental implantation. However, in some cases, children might be in the need for an oral surgery as well. Here at 7 Day Dental, our patients’ child would not need to fear oral surgeries. Our specialists and surgeons are extremely kid friendly and only seek to remove the pain given to the child. Their aim is to make all kids feel safe and comfortable before procedures, and thus make a child’s visit possibly better than what is expected.

With our experienced and skilled oral surgeons, it’s no doubt that the performed oral surgeries have a tremendous success rate.

If you are in the need of an oral surgeon in Orange County, be sure to visit 7 Day Dental Lincoln today!