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Pediatric Dentistry

boy cleans a teethChildren are often the center of a parent’s world. Parents generally want to, or desire to take care of their child and ensure that their children are given the best treatment, the best toys, and the best love. Though, one thing parents often focus on for their children would be their child’s health and dental care. In order to ensure that their child is as healthy as possible, the parent would of course always attend to the child’s health and dental care, knowing it is impossible to ignore a child if their health and dental care depletes.

Thus, in order to make sure that the child’s dental and health care is in tip-top shape, regular doctor and dentist check ups are essential. But with so many Anaheim dentists and doctors, how does a parent know which would treat their children the best and ensure that their children will have the best dental or health care throughout the city?
With all those worries, it is not easy to be relieved. Though, once you find 7 Day Dental, you will begin to see that it is 7 Day Dental that will ensure that your child’s dental care and health care. You may ask, how can a dentistmake your child healthy as a whole? Well, here at 7 Day Dental, we believe in holistic dentistry—that dental care takes a major role in helping one become health as a whole. We see that dental care is linked to several things, such as heart health, and so we take dentistry seriously. Thus, we want to make sure that every procedure or cleaning made on your child would result in the best for your child.

One thing that distinguishes 7 Day Dental from the rest of the dentists would be our children’s dentists or pediatric dentists. They are not only kid friendly but they are also relatable and connectable. They want to ensure that your child feels safe, comfortable, and at home before performing any procedures. Our dentists and employees understand that children often have the fear of dentists—thus being timid, shy, and scared of approaching a dentist, or even the dentist office. Thus, our dentist ensure that your child would leave the office with a positive, happy experience at the dentists in order to make their return easier on the parents.

Not only are our dentists kid friendly and highly relatable, but our dentists are also highly skilled, trained, and experienced. Having performed years of experiences prior and during 7 Day Dental, they have retained so many skills and information in order to make the procedure being performed on your child with that of success. Our twenty six specialists are the same as well. They are extremely qualified, and thus if your child needs braces or wisdom teeth pulled, our specialists will be here to help you at your need and convenience. Thus, with our amazingly qualified dentists, we will ensure the success of your dental care, and thus ensure the success of your health.

Our dentists and employees also understand that your child has many other things to attend to aside from the dentist office—that would include school or any outside extracurricular activities. Thus, our office is open seven days a week, including after-hours and evenings. We want to ensure that your child’s visit to the dentist would not


"Dr. Marfatia and Staff (Jessica and Raissa), I just wanted to say thanks for treating my son with great care! He's 4 years of age and shed maybe a couple of tears. Quite the contrary of what I thought he would react. Jessica and Raissa were also great with my son, they were very professional and knowlegable with additional questions I had after we saw the doctor. Thanks again! "
C. C. – Orange County, CA

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